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A social network for reciprocal help.

USA, Canada, Ukraine.

50+ employees.

Vitalii Betin, Anton Zapolskyi.

* * *

At Chummy, we have a dedicated team, the head of Human Resources relies on the founders, and recruitment is outsourced. We moved to the growth stage and started to work on scalability in Seattle; within three months, our staff had grown from 15 to 52 employees. At the same time, half of the new employees began to work remotely. As a result, HR process management and team cohesion inevitably fell; the turnover and recruitment cost us, as did the introduction of new employees, and the lengthening of the probation period. That is when we began using DDHA as a pilot.

After two months of use, it became clear that the DDHA solution completely covers and automates the operating functionality of HRD, which saves us $150,000 per year. Also, since the use of HRIS DDHA, personnel turnover and conflict levels in teams have fallen to zero. Our employee loyalty has reached a benchmark that reflects some of the best companies in the industry, allowing us to save about 30 percent of the payroll when hiring new employees. Most of the new employees we have now, we recruited not through commission-based agencies, but for free using the recommendations of our happy employees. Net income per employee increased several times over, so we’re delighted with our decision.

Denim, KeYou

Online dating applications.

Russia, USA.

50+ employees.

Nikita Anufriev.

* * *

There are two product brands for online dating in our company portfolio: Denim focuses on the classic online dating model in Russia, while KeYou focuses on the LGBTQ dating scene in New York City. Accordingly, we have to manage two product teams in entirely different time zones, geographical and cultural differences. It wasn’t easy to maintain, combine, motivate, and keep all employees under one flag, even using our in-house work platform. The COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide shift to telecommuting have intensified our need for an automated HRIS solution.

We decided to try the DDHA HR system at the pilot stage because alternatives to it for small companies didn’t exist. Yes, there are People Data Analytics systems from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP on the market, but they are only appropriate for large organizations of 10,000 employees in that they require annual contracts, hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, and six months lead time for integration. After studying the HRIS SaaS market, we found no alternatives. The three months of using the pilot gave us a complete picture of where we stood, and what we needed to do based on our strategic goals. At the same time, the automated feedback between employees and their teams brought everyone together and set a common ground of work for each team member. Staff turnover fell to zero, and the quality of recruitment rose to 95 percent. Everything is great!

General Gas

Facilities for the oil-gas sector.

Russia, China.

100+ employees.

Vadim Lukyanov.

* * *

Our company produces, installs, and maintains industrial gas generators (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen). Our business is entirely B2B and consists of production and service divisions. I used to manage HRD by myself, and personnel administration and recruitment were outsourced. In general, we were delighted with the situation, but I am always open to new opportunities and technologies.

The first two months of using the DDHA pilot gave me a reasonable picture of the condition and dynamics of human capital. They opened up a significant opportunity to transfer production from Russia to China. Because of DDHA, we were able to implement this transfer in almost two months and seamlessly switch to remote management of production, design teams, logistics, engineering equipment, and maintenance. This successful convergence of circumstances and a culture of openness to innovation made it possible to function in a normal mode at the time of the pandemic and quarantine without facing financial loss. DDHA is probably one of my best IT solutions investments.


Game boosting and esports tutoring.

USA, Canada.

1500+ employees.

Alex Shesternev, Ilya Ulyanchenco.

* * *

Our LepreStore is a service company that provides game-boosting and eSports training services. At the casual level, we help some players pass computer MMORPG by other gamers. For many gamers who are successful in the real world, time is in short supply. They don’t want to spend it looking for great games, they want to dive right into the games that will give them immediate game-playing pleasure. We meet this need with a resource of over 1,500 professional players in our company who take over the search routine. It’s our personnel that directly influences the value of our products and the company, but despite our many employees and our backgrounds in eSports, we had trouble successfully scaling the business. We are genuinely delighted to have been selected for the DDHA beta test.

The first month gave us a clear assessment of the understanding of the processes among the human capital of our company. The second month showed us how this impacts our financial wellbeing, as well as the company's worth. As a result of the second month of DDHA use, we formed a specific range of necessary, prioritized, and measured HR tasks that we have consequentially implemented since. As for profits, because of the four-month use of DDHA SaaS, we see a 30 percent decrease in company costs and a 40 percent increase in revenue per employee.

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